Making architecture is an adventure better done in company.

Morris+Company is a company of architects. We are listeners, makers, curators, narrators, experimenters and innovators. We are bold activists and obsessive fabricators. And we are connected by our love of making buildings.

Our work is the product of craft and humanity. The skill of making buildings may be specialist but human experience is universal, and it is from that experience that our architecture grows. People love, live, work, are born and die in our buildings; we bring them into being and leave them to become themselves.

Our buildings are the result of rich and constructive discourse with our clients. Our methodology is inquisitive, explorative and powerful, and gives us new perspectives on a brief. The communicative, iterative nature of traditional model-making is as fundamental to our process as the possibilities offered by newer technologies.

Morris+Company was born in 2018, and is an evolution of Duggan Morris Architects. The same restive creative spirit, developed over twelve years as Duggan Morris, is the foundation of our renewed practice, but our reassembly as Morris+Company has brought a broader field of vision and more collegiate way of working.

Our home is London, and much of our work is in the United Kingdom, but our worldview is wide and the company – currently a family of around 50 members – diverse. Our base in Copenhagen acts as test-bed for a more deeply collaborative approach, as well as a doorway into a new design territory. We are co-founders of Londonon, a research programme which advocates design learning through global co-operation.

Featherstone Building Works on site
Architect of the Year Shortlist 2019 We were shortlisted in 3 categories this year, including Public Architect of the Year.
We're delighted to have been shortlisted for Office Architect of the Year 2019
We're delighted to have been shortlisted for Housing Architect of The Year 2019
Launch Event Joe introducing the new practice website and identity to friends and collaborators
Hand-made sector booklets
Hand made #achangeofstate tote bags
Morris + Company Limited Edition Morris + Company Stationery
Being made/ Being used
Testing finishes Testing transitions
New housing book
Serena and Aaron Hand-threading the booklets
Threading the booklets by hand
Impromptu discussion Over coffee and models
#achangeofstate The Morris + Company tote bags being hand dipped in latex.
Long summer evenings
A glimpse through the studio From main gathering/presentation space through to the modelshop
Opening Event within the central gathering space with the client, Maudsley Charity.
A day in the life of the studio
Ready to present With a wealth of ideas to discuss