• What began as a love affair with all things Scandinavian has now become a permanent base for Morris+Company in Copenhagen. Like Londonon, the opening of our Copenhagen studio is a response to the narrowing horizons of Brexit, representing a natural progression of our thinking and an opportunity to expand and diversify outside the UK.

    The office is led by Edward Blake and Terese Viltoft, long-standing members of the London company with strong connections to the region. In the spirit of our view that architecture is a shared endeavour, they work in collaboration with local architects on projects throughout Scandinavia, with a specific focus on broadening and enriching the Morris+Company methodology.


  • Every building is the work of many hands, an extended company of makers and thinkers, funders and facilitators, owners and users.

    These are just a selection of Morris+Company’s closest collaborators.

    Alfriston School


    bloc Group

    British Land

    Canal and River Trust

    Derwent London


    Empyrean Developments

    Great Ormond Street Hospital

    Great Portland Estates


    Helical Bar

    Knight Dragon

    Lend Lease

    London Borough of Camden

    London Borough of Croydon

    London Borough of Haringey

    London Borough of Harrow

    London Borough of Southwark

    London Green

    Look Ahead Housing and Care

    Maudsley Charity

    Muse Developments

    Newmark Properties

    Pegasus Life

    Royal Mail Group

    Richmond Community Centre


    Topland Group

    UP Projects

    Vastint UK

    Waterside Places Ltd


  • Morris+Company is a founder member of Londonon, a rolling research and residency programme run by a collective of London-based architects and creatives. With the triggering of Article 50 in March 2017 and the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, Londonon marks this critical juncture in our cultural identity by looking outward to learn from, and share stories with, collaborators across the globe.

    The Londonon programme follows the Brexit timetable, with a series of placements for team members in different cities, where they work alongside local practices, educators and policymakers to respond to common urban challenges.

    Londonon is an outlet for Morris+Company’s collaborative approach and networked thinking, and is an apt expression of the optimistic and entrepreneurial spirit our home city represents.

New London Awards 2019 Winner Holly collects the award for the Energy Hub, winner in the Mixed-Use category!
Inspirational talk by @carolynsteel
Copenhagen Ed and Terese lead the Copenhagen office in style.

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