Cameron Clarke


Cameron has a passion for socially engaged architecture & urban design, underpinned by theoretical and experiential research & dialogue.

He has a broad range of professional experience, having previously worked on Stirling prize winning social housing, international museum and theatre projects as well as innovative workplace & educational schemes. He graduated from The Sheffield School of Architecture with first class honours, where his final project was awarded the RIBA Yorkshire Gold Medal. He later continued his training at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, studying on the Urbanism & Societal Change MA programme, graduating with distinction in 2019. He is fascinated by conditions of rapid urbanization, & he spent time in China investigating the impact of technological innovation on neighbourhood & community resilience.

Cameron is a masters tutor at the Royal Danish Academy, where his teaching focuses on the thematics of climate change, migration, & urban inequality.

L.A Low Rise Living spaces connected to communal green terrace
Munich hotel and mixed use Early massing sketch
Munich hotel and mixed use Facade massing proportion sketch
Munich Hotel and Mixed use Ground floor study
Munich hotel and mixed use Study model testing views from Munich Olympic Park
Royal Street Entrance Foyer visual
Royal Street Structural System Allowing retention of the existing 13 storey building
Royal Street study models A project in collaboration with Danish studio Cobe
Royal Street study model A hybrid work/lab building