David Storring


David joined Morris+Company in 2008 and has since led the design and delivery of a diverse set of projects, with specific focus on complex mixed-use developments. He also has extensive experience working on large-scale refurbishments and with listed buildings.

In his role as Director he shares the responsibility for ongoing strategic management of the practice and attends weekly design reviews across all live projects.

In addition to this project focus, David leads the practices sustainable agenda, developing a robust strategy and roadmap to make sure that projects deliver the highest achievable sustainable targets.

Beyond the practice, David co-runs the BSc Design and Technology course at the Bartlett School of Architectures, with a focus on emerging technologies and sustainability, whilst also being a visiting critic and lecturer at a number of leading schools of architecture including The Bartlett School of Architecture, Cambridge University and Kingston University.

Featherstone Building Works on site
Energy Hub Window cut-out
Energy Hub 3 storey thermal stores in place-now just need a building around them
Hardwick Street Steel installation
Energy Hub Piling finally started
Brick works visit Colourful material arrangement
Brick works visit Specialist tool kit
Brick works visit Factory visit to Charnwood Brickworks
Brick works visit Factory visit to Charnwood Brickworks
The Loom Almost ready
Documenting the void At the R7 site visit
Inverted brick detail
@keiralexander DMA swimming session
On Site Progress Sequence A construction overview of the enabling works, foundations, the concrete base construction and the finished roof.
Jan 2014 The contractor constructing the timber valley in the roof finish.
October 2013 Prefabricated wall panel being installed on site.
October 2013 Installation of the complex wall structure geometries that were prefabricated off-site.
Sep 2013 A triangular roof panel of prefabricated timber being delivered to site.
August 2013 The off-site construction of the timber wall structure.
1:1 scale model of a junction between the wall and roof structures.
Exploring Site Level Changes A visual exploring the change of level through a composition of stair, roof, glazing and base datum.
Site Overview The card model existing base provides a platform for detailed testing of the swimming pool and surrounding landscape.
Interior Studies A sequence of corner junction models explore the interior finishes for walls and the roof.
Roof and Wall Skeleton A view through the timber model of the roof and wall structure cut from the 3d digital model.
Pitched Roofs The black base existing context model with the insertion of the new timber representing the proposed roof form.