In working remotely during the pandemic, we learnt how to operate as multiple distributed satellite offices, whether from our kitchens, bedroom offices in London or from our studio in Copenhagen. ‘Satellite' infers that we are remote, yes, but orbiting some collective centre, and we are all in a process of discovering what the real source of this gravitational pull is.

Is it the physical space of our London studio? In temporarily losing access to this space, have we lost some of the central gravity that holds us together? We now find ourselves orbiting digitally around each other, the projects that bring us together and finding new ways to engage with the discourse that previously would have taken place at the office. Perhaps it is this that was at the centre all along, and was always less dependent upon the space. Perhaps we could imagine the space we inhabit (when we return) to better enable these relationships, discussions and dialogues?

This exercise, which came following a journey of research and survey feedback, we came together, as a collective of satellites, around a shared communal drawing, a dialogue enabled by virtual platforms, imagining how we could reconstitute and reform our physical centre of gravity learning the lessons we have gained from our orbital distance.

Future Studio