We took place in the London Festival of Architecture event "Co-Designing Place with Community" to discuss our work on the Aberfeldy estate.

Along with the team at Levitt Bernstein and Dinah Borat of ZCD Architects we discussed the emerging vision of the Aberfeldy New Masterplan and how empowering entire communities, from business leaders to young people, brings new perspectives to how we conceive our cities and paves the way for truly liveable and meaningful design.

This event was a chance for members of the public to have an open conversation with the collective design team. Discourse and collaboration has been at the heart of this project since it's inception, and this event will be both a continuation of this and a chance to reflect on the process with members of the public.

Talkaoke The event was led by The People Speak, who encouraged locals and designers to engage in their innovative "Talkaoke" format.
Aberfeldy Heroes We have been working closely with the Aberfeldy Heroes, a group of young people who have helped shape our ongoing designs for the new Aberfeldy Masterplan
The People Speak It was fantastic to be able to hear from the local residents about what they think their community will need in the future
Members of the public ask the design team about the New Aberfeldy Masterplan
Discussing in the round We were joined by locals in person and online, making this a truly hybrid event.

LFA: Co-Designing with Community