Sawtooth lanterns on a brick plinth: the factory reimagined as a creative learning environment.

École Bleue
Paris, France

  • Invited competition entry for a new home for the École Bleue, a school for the creative arts in Paris
  • Varied brief including classrooms, VR space, amphitheatre, exhibitions, workshops, library and café, as well as ad-hoc mixing and interstitial space
  • Site adjacent to the four-lane Périphérique motorway
  • Roof gardens and sheltered landscape incorporated into the building
  • Prefabricated structure uses cross-laminated timber panels on a precast concrete base
Facade Testing Using models as part of the development process
Facade testing Using models as part of the development process
Model Assembly
Exploded Facade
Inhabited Wall Street view
East Elevation Street View
Nolli Plan
Development Sketch Entrance View
Development Sketch Classroom view
Development Sketch Street View
Development Sketch Street view
Development Sketch Ariel View
Development Sketch Residents View
Façade Development
Design Development
Development Sketch View from road
Façade Detailse
Design Development Sketch
Initial Sketch Pedestrian Street view
Façade Details
Concept sketch
Analysis Ingredients for good teaching
Analysis Problems with current teaching environments
Historical reference image

École Bleue