A new high street, a civic square and four areas of new housing including; a terrace of family homes, an apartment block overlooking a park and two plots at the centre of a 7-phase masterplan.

Ecoworld with Poplar HARCA
277 Homes
16,000 sq.ft retail

+ Phase 4 of a 7-Phase masterplan including estate regeneration
+ New 'high street' and civic square providing retail, workspaces and community hub
+ Affordable, shared ownership and market sale housing across various typologies: terraced family housing, apartments, maisonettes

“The project is truly a partnership based on our shared ethos of designing a neighbourhood with and for residents, and we are thrilled to have Morris + Co on board for this once-in-a-generation regeneration.”
Conor McGahon, Managing Director at Ecoworld London

+Extensive public and stakeholder consultation process
+All plots target GLA wholelife carbon and circular economy principles
+ Plot J designed to acheive Net Zero Carbon

+Intensive and active community engagement through youth engagement and resident steering groups
+Meanwhile use project and programme throughout construction phases
+Detailed Phase Application to be submitted alongside Hybrid Masterplan Application

Client: EcoWorld with Poplar HARCA
Masterplan Architects: Levitt Bernstein
Structural/MEP/Civil Endineers: Meinhardt
Landscape Architect: LDA
Community Youth Engagement: ZCD Architects
Retail Consultant: AND
Transport: Velocity
Planning Consultant: DP9
QS: Circle
Communications: Lowick

Aberfeldy Stakeholder Engagement
Aberfeldy Stakeholder Engagement
Aberfeldy Stakeholder Engagement
Plot F Design Development Detailed facade elevation
Plot F Design Development Vignettes
Plot F Concept Narrative
Plot F Design Development Streetscape
Plot F Design Development
Plot F Design Development
Plot F Massing Development Character and wayfinding
Plot F Massing Development Character and wayfinding
Plot F and Plot H Overlay
Plot F Key Design Principles Stitch into the patchwork, sculptural form, civil presence and public realm
Plot F Concept Response
Plot H Proposed Facade Detailed elevation
Plot H Elevation
Plot H Proposed Facade
Plot H Design Development Shopfronts
Plot H Design Development Streetscape
Plot H Design Development
Plot H Massing Devevelopment
Plot H Massing Development
Plot H Massing Development Gable development
Plot H Massing Development Collection of buildings
Plot H Highsteet Plan
Plot H Highstreet Sketch
Plot I Key Design Principles Doormat patchwork to street that reflects a vibrancy and character of existing community
Plot H Key Design Principles Retail frontage, public vs private, street patchwork
Plot H Concept Response
Plot H Existing Site Aberfeldy St
Plot I Resident's Amenity
Plot I Proposed Facade Deatiled elevation
Plot I Facade Development
Plot I Facade Development
Plot I Facade Development Courtyard view
Plot I Facade Development
Plot I Key Design Principles Response to flood constraints, long ranging views and public route to Braithwaite Parka
Plot I Concept Response
Plot J Proposed Massing View from Lochnagar St
Plot J Massing Development
Plot J Elevations Detailed facade elevation
Plot J Elevations
Plot J Character Development
Plot J Character and Wayfinding
Plot J Design Development
Plot J Key Design Principles Family homes, a new street, generous private amenity and door-step play
Ploit J Concept Response
Plot J Emerging Context

Aberfeldy Village