Shortlisted competition entry for a sculptural, terrazzo-clad café pavilion within the Cadogan Estate, Chelsea.

Chelsea, London
Cadogan Estate
Value undisclosed

  • Responds to undefined, ‘leaky’ spatial dynamic of Duke of York Square
  • Freestanding pavilion with same colour-tinted terrazzo on walls, roof, floor and ceilings
  • Internal spaces and perimeter landscapes overlap
  • Intended for a wide programme of cultural activities as well as primary function as café
  • Complex internal volumes and form
  • Quality of permanence contrasts with expansive programme of use
Foam models Testing angles of the roof
Model making with foam To test slight variances in form
Model studies
Foam model Testing shapes for the roof
Joe Discussing the proposed ideas for the project
Model study Looking through the structure
Design team meeting Comparing notes over coffee
Street Views A view on approach to the cafe and the relationship to the landscape.
Cantilevering Roof Form The model explores the exposed and sheltered areas that the cantilevered roof form offers.
Exploded Axo An exploded axonometric illustrating surfaces and structure.
Ground Floor Spatial Exploration Using cardboard models to explore the ground floor plan.
Cafe Zoning Zoning diagrams of different types of cafe spaces.
Servicing Strategy Service Engineer's concept sketches capturing winter servicing principles.
Axo An axonometric exploring roof form and positioning of openings.
Historic Context An aerial view of the historic site.
Cafe Diagrams Diagrams looking at a range of cafe layouts.
Fire Lines Exploration of design solutions that meet fire requirements.
Everything is Connected Local installation.
Roof Forms Structural explorations of the complex roof form.
Design Team Time Workshop with the Design Team
Testing the Plan Rationalisation and further testing of the plan.
YMCA A quick dance break on a design team site visit.
Positive & Negative Spaces Further exploring the function of spaces in relation to shelter & exposure.
Shelter & Exposure Testing the dynamics between sheltered & exposed space.
Form Testing Testing initial concepts and massing.
Environment Analysis Initial sections exploring passive servicing design integration.
Design Review Full design team gather to review initial thoughts and ideas.
Constraints & Corners Breaking down hard corners in response to context and approach.
Site Analysis Pushing and pulling the rectangle to respond to the context.
Summer Principles Diagram

Cadogan Cafe