Competition win for innovative housing solutions tackling ‘hidden’ homelessness in London

New Horizon Youth Centre
King's Cross, London

“The hidden homeless will no longer be hidden, and can be supported within the centre of a vibrant community rich with opportunity.” Morris+Company
"Morris+Company’s scheme is a revelation and a world away from what you might expect from a shelter. " The Sunday Times
  • Conceptual proposal to transform the disused York Road Underground station
  • Less concerned with architecture, but concentrated on understanding of the issue, (hidden homelessness) and formation of a conceptual response which can become a replicable model addressing programmatic challenges and viability
  • Involved key advisors – charities, developers, vulnerable young people and social workers
  • Our winning scheme provides a ‘stepping stone’ towards a home for life
  • The publicly accessible co-working spaces and charity shop empower residents, as their shared home acts as a key destination for the local community
  • Supports homeless young residents temporarily whilst catering for a transient community of young professionals finding their bearings
Stepping Stones Showing how a persons living situation might develop during their stay, and how each step is catered for.
Co-Live Unit
Mid-Stay Unit
Short Stay Unit
Community Integration
Community Integration
Planting Strategy Collage
Entrance The ground floor entrance hosts a mix of uses, designed for integration
Ingredients For dignified housing
Crisis Afra meets the team at Crisis in a knowledge-gathering session
Research Gathering information on elements that bring a community together to tackle issues

Hidden Homeless