A new archetype for workspace, refurbishing and repositioning two existing buildings in the heart of Camden, on the cusp of Bloomsbury Conservation Area.


+ Maximises NIA potential whilst working with existing building fabric
+ Focus on sustainability, whole life carbon and design for performance
+ BREEAM Excellent targeted

"Morris+Co have a great ability to marry sensitive architectural and contextual narratives, with forward looking market and societal trends, to create a vision that is compelling for all stakeholders"
Tom Larsson, Design Director Stanhope

+ Multiple tenancy options and configurations
+ Redeveloped public realm tying into the borough’s wider aspirations
+ Amenity spaces and cycle hub at ground and lower ground floor
+ Large roof gardens and terraces with views to Alfred Place
+ Contemporary yet sensitive architectural approach acknowledging the surrounding townscape and heritage

Client: Stanhope/Schroders
Structural Engineer: Heyne Tillett Steel
Facade Consultants: Eckersley O'Callaghan
MEP: Thornton Reynolds

Floorplate colour test
Floorplate sketch
Floorplate sketch
Floorplate sketch
Terrace sketch
Receoption colour test
Reception colour test
Reception study
Reception study
Reception overview
Corner study
Corner study
Corner study
Corner study
North crescent facade Proposed bay
North crescent facade Colour strategy
North crescent facade annotated sketch
North crescent facade Design evolution
North crescent facade Narrative expression
North crescent facade Narrative expression
North Crescent facade Annotated sketch
Mews facade iterations
Mews facade model
Mews facade model
Mews narrative expression
Mews design evolution
Proposed Mews bay
Toothing sketch
Character analysis
Circular Strategy
Circular strategy sketch
Massing principles
Testing massing principles
Testing mansard options
Testing mansard options
Testing mansard options
Initial sketch

North Crescent