A development of three hybrid blocks, each composed of three residential typologies – mansion block, terrace and tower – at the gateway to the Greenwich Peninsula.

Knight Dragon
Greenwich, London
£68 million
220 homes

“Overall we found the architect an absolute pleasure to work with. The enthusiasm they have for their architecture shines through, but also reflects the client’s vision for the project.” Robin Goodlet, Development Manager, Knight Dragon
  • 220 one, two and three bedroom apartments, 25% affordable
  • Each block arranged to address macro conditions of park and city
  • Tower elements have a lower ‘shoulder’ and a ground floor podium
  • Volume at southern corner of site set to lower datum to bring sunlight into plot
  • Towers positioned to avoid overshadowing and give the best views

Client: Knight Dragon
Structural Engineer: OCSC
Services Engineer: OCSC
Landscape: Randle Siddely

From physical to virtual: Modelling the volume
Terrace Typology An isometric drawing of a typical dual aspect 3 bedroom maisonette with front door access.
Front doors on streets A study exploring access to the lower level maisonette typologies, looking at material finishes, datum height and balustrade design at ground and first floors.
Local Typologies A collage capturing an overview of the grids, proportion & typologies of local facades.
The Ground Plane A sketch investigating the public & private access and use at ground and first floor and creation of central courtyard space above podium.
Section Through the Podium Looking at the public street condition and the private raised podium gardens on the first level.
Grid Overlay & Terraces A corner view of the intersecting blocks with a standardised grid across each of the facades.
Facade Grid Exploring alternative grid options and openings on the facade.
Grid Overlay & Terraces Testing the impact of a standardised grid size across each of the facades.
Grid and Balcony Testing the placement of balconies on corners.
A View Across the Park Testing the impact of the project and the emerging context from street views.
A View Across the Park Testing the impact of the project and the emerging context from street views.
Designing the Base Podium Sketches looking at alternative design solutions for the ground condition & podium.

Greenwich Peninsula