Starting manufacture MODU 117 SF, a multifunctional space to work, play, create or relax has gone into manufacture in California; a first step forward into customisable mass production offsite fabricated housing.
PHABB typologies
Experimenting with materiality
Experimenting with materiality
Suburban House
Suburban House Courtyard view
Suburban House Type B axonometric diagram
Suburban House Type A axonometric diagram
Suburban House Type B section
Suburban House
Suburban House Typologies
Stack House Proposed interior
Stack House
Stack House
Stack house Type B axonometric diagram
Stack House Type A axonometric diagram
Stack House
DADU House Final proposal
DADU House Proposed interior
DADU House Interior view
DADU House Plans
DADU House Sections
DADU House
DADU House DADU typologies
Beach House Proposed design
Beach House View of the terrace
Beach House Interior
Beach House Axonometric diagram
Beach house Proposed typology
Beach house Briefing diagram
Proposed interior
Early concept terrace Exploring different terrace options
Proposed terrace
Proposed entrance Visualising an early design option
Entrance sketch
Module types Exploring the needs of different modular types
Interior sketch
Roof matrix
Massing Options
Massing options
Massing options
Form matrix
Module diagrams
Module configuration Experimenting with different massing options
Initial sketch Exploring initial design ideas