A series of five villas, containing up to eight apartments each, set like pavilions within the wooded landscape of the Wildernesse Estate retirement community.

Pegasus Life
Sevenoaks, Kent
£16 million
39 homes

  • Mix of stepped blocks sits sensitively within the landscape
  • Loose arrangement of villas around a central open space
  • Facades articulated by dormers, chimneys and varying window sizes
  • Simple, robust materials including brick, clay and timber

Client: Pegasus Life
Structural Engineer: Peter Brett Associates
Sustainability Consultant: Max Fordham

Local context Arts and crafts roofscape
Watercolour drawing 1 Study of brick arrangement in gable elevation
Site progress Down at Wildernesse House, Kent
Watercolour drawing 2 Corner detail of gable end, roof and dormer
Sylvan model study 2 Model view showing featured brick details on the gable end elevation
Window study Testing window typologies and reveal depths for internal use
Sylvan model study 1 Each block is the juxtaposition of two 'folded arms' with a gable elevation on each end
Gable end study 2 Testing texture and colour
Elevation Study 2 Lime Lodge Concept
Gable end study 1 Testing gables shape
Elevation study 1 Cherry Retreat Concept
Model Arrangement Aerial view of the different blocks arrangement

Sylvan Heritage