Speculative office development with gravitas, overlooking Hammersmith Park from the edge of the Television Centre masterplan.

Hammersmith, London
£45 million
150,000 square feet

  • Within masterplan for development of former BBC site
  • Mixed-use masterplan including office and studio space, new homes, a hotel and leisure facilities
  • Plot D follows curve of BBC’s famous ‘question mark’ building, separated from it by The Crescent
  • Mix of uses at ground floor level and nine storeys of office space above
  • Strong physical and visual links to Hammersmith Park

Client: Stanhope
Structural Engineer: Arup
Services Engineer: Arup
Sustainability Consultant: Arup
Landscape: Gillespies

Façade installation
Working on site
Laing O'Rourke Factory Visit A photo illustrating the complexity of the factory machinery.
Laing O'Rourke Factory Visit Sparks are flying on the TVC team visit to Laing O'Rourke's Factory.
Isometric Study testing the materials and colour of the WC vanity unit.
Techrete Factory Visit Examples of large format precast panels being prepared to travel to site.
Techrete Factory Visit The TVC team visit the Techcrete factory to see the precast facilities.
Floor Gradient Testing a repetitive tile in different colours to relate to the surrounding space.
Federated Model An overlay of all the consultant's models in BIM.
Linking Datum A storyboard illustrating how a datum wraps around and through landlord spaces.
Office Plate An internal view of a typical office floor plate.
Interior Elevations Exploring the finish and sizes of spandrel panels, glazing, mullions and transoms.
Timber Ribbon An exploded axonometric explores a timber-lined datum that wraps the landlord spaces.
Material Testing on a 1:33 Scale Model Testing a timber-lined core and bay windows.
Material Testing on a 1:33 Scale Model Using a continuous timber skirting to wrap around doors and lifts.
The Bigger View Exploring the design of the public realm and the park surrounding the building.
Material Testing on a 1:33 Scale Model Concrete columns, decorative tile floor with an aluminium curtain wall.
Testing the Gradient Investigating how to achieve a material transition between the ground plane and the body of the facade.
Thresholds - Lift and Core Terrazzo floor and timber lined core.
Enlarged Skirting Height Tests Testing options for a green timber lined skirting around the lift doors.
Thresholds - Core and Lift A terrazzo floor and concrete lined core.
Thresholds - Ground Floor Internal & External A visual experiment of a small format external tile and internal terrazzo.
The Colonnade & Entrance Sketch exploring entrance composition.
Square Design Exploring the introduction of an entrance square to the park.
Thresholds - Reception to Core Exploring a continuation of surface between the reception and the core.
Park, Square & Loggia A line diagram illustrating a connection between external spaces.
Thresholds - Reception to Core Timber lined walls, marble reception and terrazzo core.
Thresholds - Colonnade & Public Highway A terrazzo band to divide the colonnade and the street.
Reception Perspective Looking at a bleed of landscape from the park into the reception space of TVC.
Thresholds Planning a series of thresholds for further investigation.
Facade Rhythm Looking at the transition between a vertical and horizontal facade rhythms.
Testing the Massing Testing massing options for the upper floor 'pop up'.
Massing Options Testing Testing massing options for the 'pop up'.
Imagining the Ground Plane A collage explores uses space under the colonnade and relationship with park and road.
Ground Plane, Facade Composition & Materials A conceptual collage forming ideas of rhythm, a facade grid and materials such as concrete, marble & timber.
Bird's Eye View, Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908 There were 120 exhibition buildings built in an Oriental style. Two Underground Stations were built to serve the exhibition.
Palace of Music, Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908 Named the White City, the exhibition was a collection of white plaster finish buildings built in various architectural styles.
Palace of British Applied Arts, Franco-British Exhibition London, 1908 The Franco-British Exhibition was a large public fair organised to celebrate the Entente Cordiale signed by Britain & France.