Refurbishment of a two hundred year old oast house for a young family, with a contemporary annexe of timber-clad interconnecting volumes added.

Private client
Stonegate, East Sussex
£1.35 million

“The careful detailing eschews skirtings, gutters and other extraneous details, forming a truly modern set of spaces.” Jonathan Bell, Wallpaper magazine, 2013
  • Unified, flexible internal spaces
  • Responds to views, topography and natural landscape
  • Super-insulated building envelope
  • Integrity of existing agricultural buildings retained
  • Sensitive planning context

Client: Private
Structural Engineer: Stephen Evans Associates
Environmental Consultant: Brookes Devlin Ltd

Configuration of spaces The height of the new structure is lower than that of the existing oast houses, and above ground engineered timber boarding is the dominant material, tieing together old and new elements. Inside, the sunken floors are of pale, robust concrete.
Works on site Constructing the roof
Works on site

Old Bearhurst