As makers ourselves, the putting-together of our buildings is as fundamental as their conception. We enjoy collaborating with specialist contractors and engineers to ensure quality is not lost for clients, and to develop more effective construction techniques.

One area in which we have a particular interest is in modular construction, and we are currently collecting the knowledge gained on past projects with a view to working with specialists to increasing the viability of modular techniques on future schemes.

The Construction of the Outer Skin A site visit to see the construction progress of the outer facade skin.
Precast Panels in Construction Bespoke factory visit to inspect the precast panels.
Steel Frame Construction The steel frame being constructed around the EON Tanks.
Works on site Constructing the roof
The Coffered Ceiling cast to achieve a special finish and designed to integrate ceiling mounted services.
Jan 2014 The contractor constructing the timber valley in the roof finish.
October 2013 Prefabricated wall panel being installed on site.
October 2013 Installation of the complex wall structure geometries that were prefabricated off-site.
Sep 2013 A triangular roof panel of prefabricated timber being delivered to site.
Behind the scenes CLT joists have been cut based on a 3d digital model.
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