In every project, we aim to do as much as we can with as little as possible, and this often means embracing the raw quality of either ‘as found’ or specified materials. We try to make our buildings with materials which are contextually appropriate, due to their abundance or a culture of craftsmanship locally.

We use mock-ups, samples and other representations to explain our material selection so that clients can evaluate their quality and expression. The best materials not only elicit joy, but are financially and physically fit for the job, and environmentally sustainable.

Brick works visit Colourful material arrangement
Material Interfaces The lightweight metal vale meeting the ground precast datum.
Sinusoidal Materials The interface between the sinusoidal perforated skin of the main body of the building and the terrace solid panels.
Material Palette Samples curated into the Energy Centre materials palette.
Material Compositions Exploring material compositions between datum, brick and metalwork
Concrete Frame The concrete frame reveals the coffered soffit created to house the building services including chilled beams.
Masonry Material Palette Testing earth-toned aggregates and pigments across precast, terrazzo and brick elements.
Finishes coming together
Brick patterns emerging
Original Brickwork revealing a patina of colours and chips that have formed over time.
Material and Colour Testing Investigating the Early Years reception materials, colour and design of the lighting, seating area and desk.
Material Palette A selection of internal terrazzo floor finishes and the external precast samples.
1:1 scale model of a junction between the wall and roof structures.
A Collage of Models & Materials
In company