“Making architecture is an adventure better done in company.”

Morris+Company are listeners, makers, curators, narrators, experimenters, and innovators. We are bold activists and obsessive fabricators, connected by our love of making buildings. Our work is the product of craft and humanity. People love, live, work, are born and die in our buildings; we bring them into being and leave them to become themselves.

Our buildings are the result of rich and constructive discourse with our clients. Our design methodology is inquisitive, explorative and powerful, giving us new perspectives upon each brief. We are dedicated to making inspiring architecture guided by our collective responsibility to enrich life whilst achieving positive change for every environment and every person who experiences, commissions or designs our buildings.

Many hands Handmade models are critical to the MoCo process, used to test, imagine and develop
Team Meetings An important part of the design process
Remote Working Business continues as normal during unprecedented times
Methodology We use a combination of software and models in our design process