We believe that if we harness our collective intelligence we can achieve positive change. Working in partnership with our clients and collaborators we can create planet-first buildings. By developing an inclusive, equal and constructive studio environment we can evolve as a company. And by participating in open dialogue and critical debate with our peers we can amplify our voice.

Working in company is not just about bringing together the familiar and like-minded; it’s also about promoting, celebrating and harnessing difference. Fostering diversity in our studio – and the wider profession – can only give us greater insight and better equip us to tackle the challenges of social and environmental change.

Collaborative Software  Different disciplines working together
Working better together Community outreach programmes such as the 'Edible Rotherhithe Model Workshop' help brings the community together
Learning from each other Themed Friday night events are a way we share knowledge and experience
Community Engagement Learning what's best for the local community

Collective Intelligence