Today more than ever, we need a global outlook, to learn from each other. We need to come together and think differently, and we need our creative collectiveness to yield transformative collaborative benefits.

The tri-part global crisis of climate, health, and economics during the last few years, has shown us the importance of joining forces. But these mega crises have also revealed how interlinked and fragile we are; yes, we are all bound by the same natural forces, but our experiences of them unique, and influenced by time, geography and culture.

Our practice expedition into the new but familiar territory of Denmark, is an organic one full of hope and optimism, supporting several highly regarded and long-standing members of staff to settle with families and lives in Copenhagen. This has led to the establishment of a Copenhagen based studio in 2018, led by Ed Blake and Terese Viltoft, steadily growing into the fabric of a local economy.

This studio is already engaged in major projects in Denmark, Munich and London, building upon established working collaborations with a number of local architects’ practices. Consequently, we are actively driving a second phase of studio expansion with the arrival of Copenhagener Christian Dahl, who rejoins Morris+Company following a period of employment a decade previous, in our London studio. Through the spirit of shared endeavor, Christian will build upon opportunities for collaborations and projects throughout Scandinavia and Europe, with a specific focus on broadening and enriching the Morris+Company methodology.

Denmark’s brand of Design, Sustainability and Welfare is world-renowned, whilst Britain excels in Engineering and Manufacturing. This cultural cocktail of global excellence creates the necessary fertile soils in which to plant the seeds of a practice intent on positive change which supports the many not the few. By setting up base camp in Copenhagen, Morris+Company has taken a first careful step on a journey which will explore Scandinavia, Europe and beyond, through an inter-office relationship of shared values, of ambitious ethics and a global pool of expertise.

Grønlikaia, Oslo. As part of the Londonon Collective, we have been shortlisted and invited to submit design proposals for a new town centre, as part of a major regeneration project in Grønlikaia, Oslo.
The Copenhagen team visits London
Christian Dahl returns to Morris+Company as a Director in Copenhagen Christian will be working with Ed and Joe to raise the profile of MoCo DK in Denmark and beyond whilst also helping to establish and consolidate processes between London and Copenhagen as the studio grows.
Mareike Schlatow joins Moco:DK She has been based in Copenhagen since 2019, where she mostly worked with housing, urbanism and communal projects. She previously worked with co-housing and mixed-used buildings for several years in Berlin.
Moco:DK welcome new starter Johannes Lassen Platz Johannes has experience from various offices in Copenhagen and Antwepen, where he has had tasks such as development of design, sketching, model building and detailing.
Karstadt am Nordbad, Munich The Copenhagen office submitted to designs to a new Commercial and Mixed-Use Development in central Munich.
Joe visits the Copenhagen office
Mads Frandsen joins Moco:DK Mads has experience from award-winning practices in Germany, working on housing, office and cultural buildings and with a particular interest in conversion projects.
Dublin Central, Dublin The London and Copenhagen studios worked on the Hammerson Competition for a Mixed Use development in Dublin
Cameron Clarke joins Moco:DK Cameron has a passion for socially engaged architecture and urban design, underpinned by theoretical and experiential research and dialogue.
The London Directors visit Copenhagen
Parish House, Hillerød We submitted a bid in the competition to redesign the Parish House in Hillerød.
Office trip The London team visits Copenhagen
Ireland House, Tokyo A bid with Mary Duggan architects
A new office in Copenhagen In 2018 Ed and Terese moved to Copenhagen to open our new Danish office