As part of our commitment to addressing climate change, we’ve been measuring our carbon footprint at a practice and project level to try to better understand the impact we are having and where we can reduce it.

By understanding and comparing the yearly carbon emissions of an average UK citizen, the output from our studio and the impact of each of our projects, we can make educated decisions in our work and in our day-to-day lives.

At Morris+Company, we understand that we are living in a time of unprecedented climate change, and urgent action is needed. We fully accept this responsibility and as a result our agenda is ambitious, pervasive and evidence- based. As such, we are working to embed carbon measurement practices at each stage of the design process to ensure that we can minimise our impact on the environment.

Understanding our carbon footprint Watch the whole video here.
New Build Office Where retrofit is not possible, we continue to look for ways to reduce or carbon output, through reducing the need for basements, simplifying structure and looking to use materials with high levels of recycled content and materials that store carbon.
Retrofit first approach On this workplace project we have used a retrofit first approach to achieving a 23% reduction on the RIBA 2030 carbon target.
Our average office output Our office emits an average of 29.5 tCO2e per year. We are looking to reduce this output through our office move this year.
Average individual output The average UK citizen has a yearly carbon footprint of 12.7 tCO2e

Measuring Carbon Footprints