Goldsmiths Enterprise Hub: Embodied Carbon Analysis

From 19th May 2021 our architectural model for the Goldsmiths Enterprise Hub will be available to view in the ‘Our Future Planet’ exhibition at @sciencemuseum. Through our working relationship with Heyne Tillett Steel, we have carefully developed the project, being economical with our structural interventions to limit the impact the building will have on the environment. We have carefully measured the embodied carbon impact throughout the design process - and this has informed the materiality and architectural expression of the project.

'Our Future Planet’ will offer visitors a look at the cutting edge technologies and nature based solutions being developed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, to help mitigate the worst effects of climate change. The Goldsmith Enterprise Hub model will be on display in this exhibition until September 2022. The exhibition will be free to visitors of the Science Museum.

Our Future Planet