In June 2021 we were involved with The People's Pavilion. Created by Beyond the Box Consultants and in association with POoR Collective, the People's Pavilion aimed to engage young people in East London in all aspects of the design process, from initial concept, to development, construction and completion. Participants were asked to design and build their own space, which will be built on London’s HERE EAST Campus in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Along with seven other Architecture practices, we were involved with helping participants develop their designs. Early in June we hosted a team of two at our studio and worked closely with them to help develop their designs and create a model. Our team had an amazing day of discussion, making and learning, in one of our first days back in the modelshop in over a year.

This model and their fantastic designs were then put on display in the London Festival of Architecture exhibition at HERE EAST, curated by POoR Collective. The open-air exhibition displayed the young people's designs for 2 weeks and the winning designs were voted on by the public.

The final model The final model on display at the LFA exhibition at Here East.
3D view We also worked with the students to work on their models and create a 3D view
Making the model Jonathan Chan and Miranda MacLaren helped the participants develop their designs and make a model to go on display at Here East.
Making the model It was great to get into the modelshop again after a year

The People's Pavilion