Health centre and nursery, stepped in plan, playing community and civic roles within the Aylesbury Estate regeneration masterplan.

London Borough of Southwark/Notting Hill Housing Trust
Southwark, London

“From the start, securing the architect was critical to achieving the design quality and originality sought for this building, as a local draw and place-making feature for the area. Equally impressive has been their tireless diligence and patience throughout the process to meet all the requirements of a complex and technical brief on a tight site. The result is a design of beauty and poise that meets all the operational needs of its stakeholders and exceeds the expectations of its client.” Catherine Bates, Principal Design and Technical Officer – Regeneration South, Southwark Council
  • Within masterplan for regeneration of late 1960s/early 1970s estate in Southwark
  • Located to south of main public open space of the masterplan, and on main axis through it
  • Multiple stakeholders for the health centre
  • Horizontally-layered programme with health centre at ground, first and second floor levels, and a nursery at the top
  • Stepped form breaks down mass, with recesses acting as forecourts and transitional spaces
  • Large external terrace for early years use
Drone footage-July 2023 During construction
On site-July 2023
On site-July 2023
On site-July 2023
On site-July 2023 Drone photoshoot
On site March 2023
Toddler Interaction with the Kitchen Exploring interior design solutions to allow a child to interact with the food preparation in the kitchen.
Family Waiting Area Exploring the design of the buggy housing, children's toy storage & seating for families outside the Group Session Room.
Material and Colour Testing Investigating the Early Years reception materials, colour and design of the lighting, seating area and desk.
Back of House Access Testing a stepped option for the back of house access to the ground floor.
Material and Desk Exploration Design testing the reception desk material palette and heights.
Material Compositions Testing a terrazzo stair finish, a white skirting and handrail with timber lining.
Family Wait Seating Area The material composition of terrazzo tiles, timber window seats and toy storage.
Public Consultation Engagement with the public pre-planning.
Facade Optioneering Within the site context model.
Street Views Testing the massing and facade within the existing & emerging context.
Facade Optioneering within the site context model.
Texture and Depth Using casts to experiment with texture and depth of panel reveals.
Conceptual Facade Wrap Initial ideas of how the facade wraps the building.
Interlocking Blocks Using paper models to inform the design of apertures, block heights and reveal depth.
Shadow & Light Testing how patterned glazing can provide privacy.
Exterior Views Exploring alternative options to achieve privacy whilst maintain natural light.
Program and Facade A diagram of programme meeting the facade.
Degrees of Transparency & Privacy Testing how to achieve privacy whilst providing ample natural daylight.
Degrees of Transparency & Privacy Testing how to achieve privacy whilst providing ample natural daylight.
Testing Facade Colours Using an elevation to test a composition of colours and tones.
A View from the Consult Exam Room Testing the relationship between the consult exam room layout in relation the facade to provide areas of privacy whilst maintaining ample natural light.
Conceptual Facade Testing - Internal View Using 'fins' to provide areas of privacy whilst providing ample natural light.
Conceptual Facade Testing - External View Looking at using 'fins' to provide areas of openness and to provide privacy.
Model experimentation
Initial Facade Tests Exploring rhythm, datums and a base.
Material Palette A selection of internal terrazzo floor finishes and the external precast samples.
Building Form Exploring block size and void spaces in relation to the public realm and the neighbouring context.
Building Form Initial interlocking block form plan within the context.
Massing, Roof & Facade Development Massing model development of colour, roof profile and facade.
Facade Cast Exploring the depth of reveal and size of apertures.
Facade Cast Exploring the depth of reveal and size of apertures.
Roof Form Optioneering roof forms around a central opening.
Programme Overlay Building up the layers of health care and early years programme per floor.
Perimeter Programme Testing how healthcare spaces are arranged in a perimeter condition.
Extrusion & Reveal Investigating the extrusion and pushing of mass in response to entrance, programme and areas of void.
Initial Massing Tests Testing the footprint and the section within the existing context.
Testing the Mass within the Context Looking at the massing and entrance points in relation to the neighbouring North Block and the public realm.
Massing in Response to the Environment Breaking down the mass in response to sunlight, views, shelter and landscape.
Initial Footprint Optioneering
Early Years Spatial Concept A combined diagram looking at the flexibility of space, areas of gathering, views out and storage.
Diagram Child led vs Adult led (Child led)
The Early Years Entrance Diagram explaining the Early Years ground floor entrance with an elevated nursery facility.
Exploring Mixed Use Programmes within a Single Building A concept diagram explaining a floor by floor arrangement of programme and activity.
A 24-Hour Programme A diagram exploring the range of uses and activities required for the Health Centre & Early Years.
The Brief - A Mixed Use Building A diagram outlining the combination of uses required as part of the brief requirements.
Types of User Identifying the wide range of people that will use the health centre & nursery.
Forming the Brief Diagram beginning to identifying brief spaces and requirements.
Forming the Brief Diagram beginning to identifying brief spaces and requirements.
Site visit Analysis of local context
Site visit Aylesbury Estate
Figure Ground Diagram highlights the site within the Aylesbury Estate Masterplan.