A collaborative entry with Neighbourhood to the LA:Low Rise ideas open call asking architects and landscape architects to help imagine appealing and sustainable new models of low-rise, multi-unit housing, to promote housing affordability, new paths to homeownership, and innovative models of sustainable residential architecture in Los Angeles.

Our submission received an Honourable Mention, from almost 400 international submissions.

At the heart of our proposal for eight homes and retail space sits a productive communal garden from which all eight homes are accessed. On the street corner, an adaptive public outdoor space, managed by the resident group and equipped with stands for exchange and enterprise, allows the social, physical and wellbeing benefits derived from the growing and sharing of produce within our new community to be extended to the neighborhood beyond.

Our proposal, ‘Grow-Rise’, evolves the arrangement of the popular ‘bungalow court’ typology to create larger and more varied accommodation over two storeys, with clear design principles permitting reconfigured responses to specific site conditions, resident groups and localities.

The success of the project comes from an ongoing collaborative relationship between Morris + Company and Neighbourhood, driving innovative thinking on future models of housing.

Project Team:


Proposed Design Entrances and sleeping spaces are located in the cooler shade of the upper decks and vegetation. Upstairs, double-height living spaces, with openings at high level to allow for the escape of warm air when appropriate, open onto a private outdoor decks for every household.
Proposed Design An external steel frame performs multiple functions – on the corner, cover is provided to the shared entrance and to public and commercial activity; and where homes meet the street, it becomes a veranda.
Proposed design In ‘Grow-Rise’, a holistic approach to landscape integrates productivity, social connection and play with careful water management.
Proposed design Axonometric drawing
Proposed plan
Birds-eye View
Sketch Concept sketch by our collaborator Neighbourhood
Proposed plan
Exploded diagram
Vignettes Understanding the context of the project
Site diagram

LA: Low Rise