An exemplar low carbon workplace, refurbished from an existing building to achieve high energy efficiency in use.

Wimbledon, London
£4.25 million
2,7000 square feet

Client: Stanhope
Structural Engineer: Akera Engineers
Services Engineer: Skelly & Couch
Sustainability: Low Carbon Workplace Ltd

Floor Decks Construction of the new steel frame & floor.
Fourth Floor The clearance of the roof and facade.
The Facade Removed The structure is left exposed after the facade has been removed.
Clearing the Existing Building Floors removed and facade beginning removal.
Breaking Up the Floor Site visit to see the progress of the floor removal.
Street Views
Street Views
Street Views
Street Views
Model Section between levels
Window Studies A perspective image explores glazing frame options and transoms.
Model Close up
Model Interior
Model making Window detail
Mansel House model
Model making Window detail
Testing the Glazing Optioneering window reveal depths and frame types.
Original Condition The rear facade in its original condition.
Existing Site Elevation of the rear elevation of the existing building.

Mansel Court