Renovation and extension of locally-listed bank building to give nine new homes overlooking Newington Green.

Tariro House Limited
Hackney, London
Value undisclosed

  • Site is in conservation area, facing onto open space of Newington Green
  • Local area undergoing rapid process of gentrification and regeneration
  • Refurbishment respects elegance and historic value of former bank
  • Bank will become three duplex apartments with top-floor penthouse; extension will become five new homes
  • Extension reinforces language of existing building, which still remains dominant
Isometric plan Showing the proposed extension next to the bank building
Model study
Facade bay study
Aerial model view
Massing study Options testing with simple models
Plans And unit mix arrangement
Section Through new building extension
Elevation study
Elevation study
Bay studies In model format
Local context analysis Bank elevation study
Local context analysis Bank elevation study
Local context analysis Collage of local tile thresholds
Local context analysis Taxonomy of local bank building

Newington Green