The first purpose-built ‘Warehouse Living’ building within the Harringay Warehouse District. This unique communal LIVE+WORK building will provide an alternative, affordable way of living in London, while encouraging the growth of creative communities.

Lead Designer
100+ Homes
3,580sqm GIA of Warehouse Living

Warehouse Living embodies the essence of Harringay’s Warehouse District, offering high quality affordable, communal LIVE+WORK spaces for future occupants. Developed in close collaboration with residents, Warehouse Living builds upon the district’s ‘communal living’ heritage, introducing new buildings and areas anchored by courtyard spaces, and a new ‘Marker’ building that will enhance accessibility and connectivity.

Comprising 13 Warehouse Living units, each offering a blend of 4-14 bed shared LIVE+WORK spaces with generous high quality internal and external amenity including; shared balconies and a spacious planted roof terrace, for collective use.

Fully embracing sustainable principles the scheme adopts a fabric-first, Passivhaus approach. Corrugated cementitious cladding offers a low-carbon facade solution that harmonises with the Warehouse District’s architecture, and expressed solar shading prevents overheating. All units prioritise material durability with minimalist finishes - creating a canvas for residents to curate their own spaces.

  • Expands the existing creative community
  • Maintains affordability and flexibility
  • Diversifies and enhances the local employment offer
  • Provides 1,200 sqm of shared amenity
  • 514 sqm rentable workspaces
  • Maintains the distinctive warehouse living character
  • Targeting BREEAM Outstanding

Client: Provewell
Project Manager: Dakota
Planning Consultant: Tibbalds
Architect: Morris+Company
Landscape Architect: Campbell Cadey
Services Engineer: Ingenium Consulting
Fire Engineer: BB7
Strategic Sustainability: Expedition
Structures: London Structures Lab
Transport+Services: Velocity
Daylight+Sunlight Consultants: Waldrams
Cost Consultant: Hennessy Godden
Accessibility: Probyn Gibbs Associates

Revolutionary Architects Journal highlights Warehouse Living's unique communal Live+Work design
March 2024 Warehouse Living Receives unanimous planning consent from Haringey Council. Situated on an empty site at the corner of Seven Sisters and Eade Road, London. The scheme will provide 13 Warehouse Living units, each offering a blend of 4-14 bed, shared LIVE+WORK spaces.
Warehouse Living model
Cara Yard vision
Development sketch
Section through stair
Development model
Development model
Concept Diagram
Community Consultation Event
Community Consultation Event
Development model For consultation
View within context Early development sketch
View within context Early development sketch
Initial sketch Communal living space
Initial sketch Communal kitchen
Initial sketch Shared work space
The Community The proposal carefully consider the needs and voices of the wider warehouse community
Context analysis
Site visit Existing context
Site visit Existing context
Site visit Existing context
Existing Warehouse District
Site visit Existing community

Warehouse Living